The AWL’s mission - to support & coach students, researchers, faculty and staff in dealing with any challenges at any stage of the academic writing process


The AWL’s teaching philosophy is based on the principle of lifelong learning as the key component of modern scientific research.

The AWL’s mission is to help undergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers, faculty and staff with any academic writing challenges they face at any stage of the writing process. The AWL supports and encourages writers to develop their own academic writing abilities to become an independent, effective writer.

The AWL deals with all kind of writing like research papers, abstracts, presentations, grant proposals, application essays, resumes and cover letters.

Consultations, courses and workshops are based on collaboration, dialogue engagement and trust.

  • You are welcome at any phase of your writing process
  • You will organize and develop your ideas, polish and revise your paper meeting face-to-face with professional tutors
  • You will master strategies that enable you to meet your writing goals
  • You will improve your own writing skills and become a more confident writer

We look forward to meeting you! We hold our consultations on Lomonosova, 9 in classroom AWL 3402.


The AWL does not translate for you, edit for you or proofread for you but does its best to provide you with all these skills and necessary techniques to write well.